Where is Niku X and what is the parking like?

We are located at the Wilshire Grand center and connected to the Intercontinental hotel. We share the same parking structure as the IHG and the entrance is on 7th and Francisco st. You have the option to valet or self park. We offer discounted validation $16.50 for the first 2.5 hours and $5.50 for every additional half hour. We do suggest parking in the structure as street parking is very limited.

Is there a dress code?

We suggest dress or business casual but you are welcome to come as you are

What is the difference between Tomahawk Tasting, Yakiniku Section and A La Carte?
Our tomahawk tasting menu is a 9-course meal that is perfect for wagyu lovers. Most of the dishes include wagyu and feature a 46 oz steak that is flambeed table-side to bring out its flavors and finish with a nice sear. This tasting menu has 3 different tiers, including our fresh supreme tomahawk, 45-day dry-aged supreme, or our 45-day dry-aged full blood.
A deposit of $150 per steak is required.

In our Yakiniku section, you can enjoy our grilled table where we serve 2 different tasting menus with wagyu grilled in front of you, or choose from our a la carte menu featuring wagyu from around the world.

Deposit will depend on the menu chosen and is required per guest.

The a la carte menu in the tomahawk section is slightly different from that in the Yakiniku section. The meat choice is limited to wagyu steak or appetizers.

A deposit of $25 per guest is required.

What is the difference between the 3 tiers of tomahawk?
The available Tomahawk options are: Fresh Supreme, which is a combination of 50% Angus and 50% Masami Ranch Wagyu; 45 Day Dry-Aged Fresh Supreme, also a combination of 50% Angus and 50% Masami Ranch Wagyu that is dry aged in house; and 45 Day Dry-Aged Full Blood, which is 100% Masami Ranch Full Blood Wagyu, also dry aged in house.
Do you do anything special for birthdays?
Yes, we offer customized decorations, menus, desserts, and name cards. Please provide more details about your inquiry to The package price is not fixed and will be determined based on your specific requirements. Instead, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements and budget.
Do you do anything special for the anniversary?

Yes, we offer a complimentary flower based on the tier menu you have selected. Additionally, we can provide simple table decorations and create a customized title menu for you and your loved one. Please indicate in the notes if you would like our assistance with this. If you need something more special, please contact for further inquiries.

Do you have any vegetarian or vegan options?
We have a limited selection of vegetarian and vegan options on our a la carte menu.
Can you do different tasting menus for the same party?

No, we do not recommend serving different tasting menus to guests as the pacing may be different. However, if you have food restrictions, we suggest ordering from the a la carte menu or emailing us at We will do our best to accommodate modifications due to allergies and dietary restrictions.

What is the largest party size you can accommodate?
The largest party size is 6. However if you are looking to host an event or private party please contact us at and our events manager can assist you.